Firepot Chilli Con Carne and Rice

By Firepot


Slow-cooked British beef with fruity ancho and smoky chipotle chillies, red peppers and kidney beans in a warmly-spiced tomato sauce. With long grain rice.

A One-Pot Family Favourite 
Chilli con Carne is that classic one-pot dish. With smoky beef, soft beans and a gentle chilli heat, this meal is warming in even the coldest of climates. We cook our beef slowly, adding paprika, cumin and sweet tomatoes to provide some serious depth of flavour. With crunchy red pepper, nutty red kidney beans and a subtle spice hit from ancho and chipotle chilli, our one-pot wonder tastes just the way we need it to after a long hike. A South American classic from a barn in Dorset - made for your next adventure.

  • Ingredients

    Weight: 135g (regular) / 200g (extra-large)

    Calories: 600kcal (regular) / 890kcal (extra-large)

    Water usage: 400ml (regular) / 600ml (extra-large)

    Ingredients: Beef mince (27%), tomatoes, rice, onion, red kidney beans, red pepper, garlic, fresh chillies, tomato puree, rapeseed oil, ancho chillies, beef stock concentrate, red wine vinegar, salt, cumin seeds, cumin powder, chipotle chillies, paprika, bay leaves, cinnamon, chilli powder, citric acid

    Allergens: None

  • Nutritional Information

    Nutrition Per 100g
    Energy 442kcal, Protein 22.7g, Carbohydrates 58.3g, Sugar 5.5g, Fat 13.1g, Saturated Fat 5g, Fibre 5.4g, Salt 0.7g

    Nutrition Per 135g
    Energy 600kcal, Protein 30.06g, Carbohydrates 78.7g, Sugar 7.4g, Fat 17.7g, Saturated Fat 6.7g, Fibre 7.3g, Salt 1g

    Nutrition Per 200g
    Energy 890kcal, Protein 45.4g, Carbohydrates 116.6g, Sugar 11g, Fat 26.2g, Saturated Fat 10g, Fibre 10.8g, Salt 1.4g