Camping activities such as hiking and bikepacking require you to feel energised to perform at your best. FirePot dehydrated meals are ideal for nutritious food on the go. 

Located in rural England, UK, FirePot is a small, family-owned business on a big mission: to provide healthy and delicious trail food for outdoor adventurers. Their award-winning range of meals is designed to keep you nourished and energised during your wilderness escapades, requiring nothing more than boiling water to enjoy straight from the pouch.

The story of FirePot began with a simple yet profound realisation: a lack of quality expedition food. During an expedition in Greenland, the founder experienced firsthand the need for lightweight, nutritious meals that tasted like home cooking. Determined to fill this gap, FirePot was born in 2017, emerging from a humble Dorset Barn.

From its modest beginnings, FirePot quickly gained traction, with its home-cooked meals finding their way to the farthest corners of the earth. In 2022, FirePot expanded once again, settling into a converted dairy farm in the English Valley, where they now boast two FirePot kitchens.

Despite their growth, FirePot remains committed to its roots, sourcing food locally and sustainably whenever possible. With a production capacity of 500,000 meals per year, FirePot continues to uphold its promise of providing nutritious, delicious meals for adventurers worldwide.

They’ve got a whole range of tasty meals such as pasta bolognese, chilli con carne, chicken keema curry and porcini mushroom risotto to name just a few. 

They also have Vegan options to ensure they cater to a variety of dietary needs. The orzo bolognese, baked apple porridge, and the mac’&’greens all taste amazing! 

These completely dehydrated meals are super easy to cook and can be enjoyed by the whole family with extra large packs available. The method of dehydration means your food is preserved for a lot longer which is perfect for long expeditions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dehydrated meals last?

Dehydrated meals owe their remarkable shelf life to the moisture removal process, impeding the growth of bacteria and moulds that cause food spoilage.

Typically, commercially packaged dehydrated meals can endure for 1 to 10 years, contingent upon several factors.

To maximise their longevity, storing them in cool, dry conditions, shielded from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures, is essential. While the nutritional value and taste may diminish over time, adhering to stock rotation and consuming them within the recommended timeframe guarantees optimal quality.

This makes dehydrated meals ideal for outdoor adventures, emergencies, or everyday use, offering convenience and reliability when it matters most.

What is the best dehydrated camping food?

When it comes to the best-dehydrated camping food, there are numerous factors to consider, including personal preferences and dietary needs. Fortunately, several popular options offer the perfect combination of convenience, nutrition, and delectable flavours.

Specifically designed for camping, renowned brands such as Firepot, Real Turmat and Summit to Eat offer a wide array of meals, ranging from mouthwatering beef stroganoff to hearty mac and cheese and tantalizing curry. Additionally, lightweight and nutrient-packed freeze-dried fruits and vegetables serve as excellent snacks or meal additions, while protein-rich jerky and trail mixes provide sustained energy.

For quick and easy breakfasts, instant oatmeal is a go-to choice, and compact energy bars offer a boost of vitality on the go. With such a diverse range of options, discovering the best-dehydrated camping food entails considering personal preferences and dietary restrictions and striking the ideal balance between taste, convenience, and nutritional value.

What are the best dehydrated meals for camping?

Determining the optimal dehydrated meals for camping is inherently subjective, as it hinges on individual preferences and dietary considerations.

Nevertheless, several reputable brands are renowned for their wide array of delectable and convenient options. Firepot is famous for offering mouthwatering flavours such as posh pork and beans and bolognese to pulled pork and gumbo.