Grüezi Bag Biopod Wolle Survival Sleeping Bag



The “Biopod Wolle Survival” is a robust and moisture-resistant 3-season sleeping bag that can be used in many areas. We recommend it for outdoor adventurers who like to spend the night without a tent, even on boats, on lakes and river banks or in areas with high humidity.

A 3D mosquito net was integrated so that annoying mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies don't bother you: The net is stretched over the head using a pop-up arch and thus protects against small uninvited guests. The net is stored in the integrated pocket on the pack sack.

Feel the difference!

The Grüezi bag® brand focuses on the best sleeping comfort and functionality: the climate and cut have already received several awards, as the sleeping bag

  • has a consistently pleasant sleeping environment;
  • has a comfortable cut that ensures sufficient freedom of movement;
  • is at the same time light and small in pack size.
  • Features

    This is what distinguishes the “Biopod Wool Survival” sleeping bag:

    The mummy sleeping bag has an innovative zipper that allows you to comfortably place your feet on the top of the sleeping bag if it gets too warm.
    Its comfortably cut mummy shape makes it light and small when packed.
    The pillow compartment is also very practical: simply insert a fleece jacket here and you have a pillow that won't slip while you sleep.
    The wool filling is insensitive to moisture, even on a boat or near water, the wool insulation remains stable.
    Additional ventilation in the foot area protected by a mosquito net.
    3D mosquito net (removable) in the head area. Perfect for regions with lots of insects.
    The outer material of the Biopod Wolle Survival is particularly robust and durable and has anti-slip nubs on the underside. This prevents annoying slipping off the sleeping mat, even if the floor is not completely flat.
    What is unique about AlmWolle sleeping bags is their innovative insulation: AlmWolle is a light insulation fleece made from 85% sheep's wool and 15% corn starch. With the AlmWolle insulation, Grüezi bag® invented the world's first light wool sleeping bag.


    The lavalan® alpine wool used in the Grüezi bag® products creates an excellent feel-good climate: it supports our body temperature regulation. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture via its capillaries and release it back to the outside in a measured amount - so that no evaporation cold occurs. This not only ensures effective moisture regulation, but also body temperature regulation. Even when wet, it retains its warming properties, something no other material can do. Wool naturally creates a cozy and pleasant microclimate thanks to its unique climate-balancing properties. The wool also neutralizes unpleasant sweat odors.

    With AlmWolle insulation, the body can save itself some of the energy-consuming work of regulating body temperature. The energy saved is available for regeneration while you sleep!

    Grüezi bag uses wool from sheep from the Alpine region for its fillings in the Biopod product line: robust, natural, biodegradable and renewable.

    Pillow compartment : If you put a fleece jacket, for example, into the pillow compartment, the sleeping bag has a non-slip pillow.
    Adjustable hood with face baffle : The heat bead adapts perfectly to the shape of your head. When it's cold, only a small face hole remains open and therefore there is less loss of temperature in the face.
    3D mosquito net (removable): So that annoying mosquitoes, insects and beetles don't bother you, a 3D mosquito net has been integrated: The net is stretched over the head using three small arched rods, does not rest on the face thanks to the pop-up arch and thus provides protection the little uninvited guests. The net is stored in the integrated pocket on the pack sack.
    3D thermal collar : is pulled over the shoulders and prevents heat from escaping upwards from the sleeping bag. It also automatically seals the gap to the zipper when you close the zipper.
    Drawstring pocket : So that the drawstring on the thermal collar doesn't get in the way, it is safely stored in a simple drawstring pocket.
    Inside & outside pocket : For valuables and things you prefer to keep close to you.
    Two-way autolock zipper : The zipper can be opened and closed from either end and from the inside and outside. Auto-lock prevents it from opening accidentally.
    Zipper with anti-snag zipper and robust webbing underneath : This makes the zipper even easier to operate without pinching the outer fabric.
    Zipper with an underlaid zipper cover : so that heat cannot escape and cold spots are created.
    Foot ventilation system : Thanks to the innovative zipper system, the feet can be placed comfortably on the top of the sleeping bag and excess heat can escape.
    Additional foot ventilation with built-in insect net
    Construction : Layered construction
    Feater loops : Heat hip bag with heating element (Feater - The Feet Heater) can also be installed.
    Pre-shaped foot box : when lying down there is enough space in the sleeping bag to put your toes up.
    Anti-slip nubs on the back : prevent the sleeping bag from slipping.
    Particularly robust outer fabric : suitable for bad weather conditions
    Scope of delivery : sleeping bag, compression pack sack with integrated pocket for the mosquito net, storage bag, 3D mosquito net.

  • Specifications

    Temperature range according to EN 23537: T Comfort: 4 °C (39 °F) | T Limit: -1°C (30°F) | T Extreme: -17°C (-1°F). This means that the sleeping bag has a large comfort range of 4 °C to 20 °C.
    Size : 215 x 80 x 50 cm (suitable for a body size of 165 cm to 190 cm with a normal stature. For people with a wider stature, we recommend the larger sleeping bag version from 185 cm tall.)
    Weight : approx. 1,500 g + pack bag
    Pack size : Ø 21 x 39 cm, compressed Ø 21 x 27 cm
    Packing volume : 13.5 liters, compressed 9 liters
    Outer fabric : breathable and highly water-repellent, recycled and extremely robust 40 denier 290T nylon (100% polyamide)
    Inner fabric : supple, breathable recycled 50 denier 320T polyester
    Filling :
    Top side: 1st layer of lavalan® Alpine wool made of 85% virgin wool, 15% corn starch (PLA) Ingeo™ - filling thickness 60 g/m², 2nd layer Synthdown (100% polyester) - filling thickness 150 g/m²
    Bottom: Synthdown (100% polyester) - fill thickness 170 g/m²
    Material identification : Outer fabric 100% polyamide, inner fabric 100% polyester, filling top: 1st layer: 85% wool / 15% polylactide; 2nd layer: 100% polyester, filling underside 100% polyester - contains non-textile parts of animal origin.
    Area of ​​application: The ideal companion for all bushcrafters, campers, backpackers and outdoor adventurers who like to spend the night without a tent, even on boats, on lakes and river banks or in areas with high humidity.


    Grüezi bag® is a CO₂- neutral company.
    Animal protection : mulesing-free sheep wool from Europe
    OEKO-TEX ® STANDARD 100 certification for all materials used. This label for textiles tested for harmful substances guarantees that the product is harmless to health.
    PFC-free : No perfluorinated chemicals are used.
    Impregnation : The sleeping bags are equipped with a durable water-repellent impregnation based on bio-based raw materials (BeSoDRY-ECO).
    Colors : We use selected BEMACRON dyes from the CHT Group: they are non-toxic to nature and meet both Cradle to Cradle requirements and the bluesign® standard.
    Recycled fabrics
    Easy care : The sleeping bag can be washed at a maximum of 30°C/86°F by hand or in the washing machine on the wool cycle.