Luxe Outdoor Hex Peak V4A Single Inner


The Hex Peak V4A inner is now supplied as a single item as it will fit the whole range of Luxe Hex peak products and others on the market.

It offers a half mesh protection with 6 adjustable connection points.

The V4A inner fits;

  • Luxe - Hex Peak V4A (2015)
  • Luxe - Hex Peak F6 (2015)
  • Luxe - Octapeak F8 (2015) You have the option of fitting one or two F4 inners inside the F8
  • Nigor - WickiUp 3
  • Golite - Shangrila 3
  • Golite - Hex 3
  • MLD - Trail Star- I pitched the TS with a pole height of 130cm and found the inner fitted well at right angles to the door, without too much lost space at the rear 'point' leaving good air flow. With the 5 corner pegs pulled taught no part of the inner was exposed beyond the outer cover. The top adjusting hook clipped into the centre loop on the MLD. For the perfect fit I would hand sew some hooks or tabs onto the inner mesh to line up with the wall clips on the MLD. This would pull the mesh frame to give more space inside the inner. (See last photo)

Weight: 684g
Max Width: 233cm
Max Depth: 125cm
Floor: 68D PU Coated Nylon. 4000mm HH

  • Top tips for a stable shelter in all weathers

    If the supporting pole sinks at any stage the material will lose all the tension and the tent can become unstable in high winds, with the possibility of the pole moving. The common tip here is to cut a tennis ball in half and use each half at either end of the pole. It prevents the pole from sinking and also reduces the pressure on the peak. Once this is in place, applying tension on all the surrounding guys will maintain tension throughout the night. Some use Marmite caps or Rebar Mushrooms.

    In excessive wet weather we have had occasional reports of the supplied guys slipping in the cleats. A simple overhand knot will stop this.