By Ortlieb


The practical magnetic lid closure on the Fuel Pack makes opening the top tube bag child’s play and allows you easy access to your energy supply during the ride.

⛺ Peak Decision

"The reason it’s called a fuel pack is because it’s the perfect place to store all your energy boosting goodies when you’re out on the road. Being sufficiently fueled will ensure you perform to the best of your ability.

The magnetic lid makes it incredibly easy to lift the top and access your all important snacks and drinks. We think the addition of an integrated cable outlet that allows you to charge your phone on the move is perfect if you’re on a bikepacking trip or commuting to work. ”

  • Features

    Keep your snacks, smartphone or other small equipment items within easy reach at all times during your ride. The practical magnetic lid closure makes child’s play of opening and closing the Fuel Pack with one hand. Inside, the PVC-free bag made of PU-coated nylon fabric features an outer mesh pocket which is easily accessible due to the reinforced bag material. The integrated cable outlet allows you to charge a device on the handlebars during the ride. Any threaded holes already present in the top tube can also be used to fasten the compact bag with screws. In the absence of threads, you can also attach your Fuel Pack flexibly using perforated rubber straps.

    If you don’t need the perforated straps to attach the Fuel Pack, you can use them for other purposes such as mounting an additional bottle holder on the down tube. If the threaded holes are not in the right place, the optionally available Offset-Plate allows you to mount the Fuel-Pack in a different position.

    + Also suitable for mounting on carbon frames

  • Specifications

    COLOUR - Black Matt
    MATERIAL - PS21R, PS33
    WEIGHT 160 g | 5.6 oz. HEIGHT 12 cm | 4.7 inch WIDTH 21 cm |8.3 inch DEPTH 8.5 cm | 3.3 inch VOLUME 1 L | 61 cu.in LOAD 1 Kg | 2.2 lbs