ORTLIEB Packing Cube Bundle

By Ortlieb

At last there’s an end to all that searching! On trips or in everyday use as inserts for Back-Rollers, Bike-Packers, Velo-Shoppers or Duffles, these inserts bring structure and order to the chaos inside your bags.

⛺ Peak Decision

“If you’re tired of arriving at your destination to unpack a disorganised bag where you’ve forgotten half of what was on your packing list, you’re in need of this packing cube bundle.

It allows you to compartmentalise your belongings so it’s easier to remember what’s been packed and where to find things on arrival. The two packing cubes and toiletry bag within this set make crease-free and compact packing simple. We wouldn’t want to go on a trip without them.”

  • Features

    The two packing cubes impress above all with their inner values, with both of them concealing patented folding boards to turn crease-free and compact packing into child’s play. The Packing Cube S with a volume of six litres is ideal for carrying shirts or T-shirts, while the twelve-litre volume of the Packing Cube L effortlessly accommodates even jackets, pullovers, shoes or trousers on your travels.

    The third part of this set is the Toiletry Bag. With its pockets, the cosmetic mirror, an inner pocket with zipper and last but not least the hook for hanging it up, the Toiletry Bag is the perfect overnight companion, regardless of whether you are staying in a hotel or a tent.

    + All inside bags have practical handles

  • Specifications

    WEIGHT 742 g | 26.2 oz. VOLUME 23 L | 1403 cu.in