Ortlieb Seat Pack

By Ortlieb


Get ready for your next bikepacking adventure! As a key item in your bikepacking setup, the ORTLIEB Seat-Pack comes with Velcro straps to enable convenient and secure mounting to your seat stem. 

Projecting backwards from the seat stem, your Seat-Pack also serves as a rear fender. The spacious, waterproof Seat-Pack keeps its contents (e.g. an extra set of clothes) safe and dry. Depending on how long you plan to be away and your Seat-Pack model, you can conveniently adjust the volume of your pack from 8 to 16.5 litres or from 7 to 11 litres by adjusting the roll closures on the sides.

Its ability to adjust in size makes it ideal for if you go on multiple trips of varying length throughout the year. The 11 litre seat pack is also perfect if you have a smaller framed bike that a traditional seat pack sometimes struggles to secure to. 

  • Features

    An additional valve allows you to quickly and easily compress your soft gear for a more compact fit. Your Seat-Pack also serves as a replacement backpack when you’re out on a day trip, no matter whether you ride a hybrid bike, a mountain bike, a road bike or an electric mountain bike. The Seat-Pack is available in two sizes.

    Thanks to its elastic drawstrings on the top, the 16.5-litre model offers additional space for items you need to be able to access quickly. This model needs only 15 cm of space on your seat stem.

    The smaller of the two models needs only six cm on your seat stem. That’s why the more compact model is ideal for smaller frame sizes, full suspension bikes and adjustable seat stems.

    + Reinforced fabric at all points of contact to the seat
    + Vertical daisy chain for rear light
    + Also suitable for carbon seat stems
    + Lightweight design
    + Four 3M Scotchlite reflectors available for full extension

  • Specifications

    COLOUR - Black Matt
    WEIGHT 456 g | 16.1 oz HEIGHT 30 cm | 11 inch WIDTH 64 cm | 25 inch DEPTH 22 cm | 8 inch VOLUME 16.5 L | 1006.9 cu inch