Vargo 1.3 litre Titanium Pot

By Vargo


The Vargo 1.3 Litre Titanium Pot is our largest pot, yet it only weighs 153 g making it almost half the weight of other similar sized pots. And with built-in, coated handles and the Vargo original strainer lid, it’s twice as functional.


  • Large size for full functional cooking and storage with better heat distribution

  • Coated handle to prevent burns and provide excellent hold for cooking and eating

  • Tight fitting strainer lid with an easy-to-grip heat-resistant knob to prevents burns

  • Indented bottom for increased pot stability

  • Nylon mesh storage bag included


  • Weight:  153 grams

  • Size:  6.2"D x 3.5"H (157 x 89 mm)  

  • Capacity:  1.3 litres