Vargo Titanium Converter Stove

£40.00 £55.00
By Vargo


Convert the Hexagon Wood Stove* into a complete multi-fuel stove with the Vargo titanium Converter Stove. Its easy “drop-in” design turns the Hexagon into an effective windscreen while providing the ideal distance between stove and cookware for optimal cooking efficiency. Unlike other stoves, the Converter Stove will cook faster and won't leave soot on the bottom of your pots. Burns meth, fuel tabs, fuel gels. Simply flip the stove over to switch between meths and fuel tab/gel burning modes. The folding stand allows for compact packing and use as a standalone stove. 

*Hexagon Wood Stove sold separately


  • All titanium construction

  • Converts the Hexagon Wood Stove into a complete multi-fuel stove system

  • Use as a standalone meths and fuel tab/gel stove

  • Easily switches between meths and fuel tab/gel burning modes

  • Fold flat stand

  • Convenient carrying case


  • Stove diameter: 61 mm

  • Stove height: 22 mm

  • Stand diameter (open): 107 mm

  • Stand height: 61 mm

  • Weight: 39 g

  • Capacity: 44 ml



  • Use only in a well ventilated area!  Never use stove indoors!

  • Only use meths or approved fuel tabs/gels as fuel!  Attempting to burn other fuels could potentially cause an explosion and serious injury.

  • Be sure the flame is fully extinguished and the stove is completely cooled before refuelling!

  • Always use the stove on a flat, level, fire-proof surface!