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  Some people will never go wild camping outside of spring and summer, others are unsure of how to go about camping in the depths of winter and others absolutely love winter camping and say they prefer it to all other times of the year. For me, I love spring and summer camps, but winter in the right conditions, can be equally wonderful as the long days of summer. I do admit that I’m rather adverse to those dreadful dreary wet days that we can get and much prefer the cold crisp mornings and with a bit of luck a...

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This article mainly talks about the Valley and Peak Ultra Bivy but if the dimensions of other bivy’s are right they could work with what I discuss in this article. Here I discuss the idea of using the Ultra Bivy instead of the inner provided with your tent or with a single skin shelter where you may use just a groundsheet. In doing so you can save weight, increase space inside the tent and with the enclosed nature of a Bivy it’s generally warmer than using the tent's inner, especially in winter. How you can put the Ultra Bivy to...

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One of the most important pieces of kit when camping is a Sleeping bag and more recently Quilts are proving popular, particularly with the wild camper and backpacker, but how can we ensure that we get the right temperature rating and what do we need to look out for to ensure we have a comfortable night's sleep. At Valley and Peak we stock both, but specialise in Quilts, particularly Synthetic Quilts and Over quilts, which we manufacture ourselves as a standard or made to measure product. We stock the range of Sierra Designs Zipper-less Sleeping bags, which are a hybrid in...

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