Hiiker PRO+ Subscription (1 YEAR)

By Hiiker

HiiKER is a comprehensive mobile application designed for all hikers but is particularly useful for those that live by the trail. Please ensure that you're a registered free member of Hiiker before purchasing the Hiiker Pro+ 1 year subscription upgrade.

At its core, HiiKER caters to those who love exploring vast trails and immersing themselves in the outdoors for extended periods. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, HiiKER serves as an indispensable tool for planning, navigating, and documenting hiking adventures across the globe.

With a HiiKER PRO+ Subscription (1 YEAR), you will gain access to some of the best planning and navigation features available. Premium mapping, live location sharing, stage by stage breakdown, measurement tools and so much more. 

One of the standout features of HiiKER is its offline functionality. Recognising that many hiking trails may lead through remote areas without reliable cellular coverage, the app allows users to access all their maps and trail data offline. This feature provides peace of mind, knowing that navigation help is always at hand, regardless of external connectivity.

The app contains an extensive library of some of the best mapping in the world. Both OS mapping and Harvey maps are available in the UK, with many more in Europe, Australia and North America. Your PRO+ subscription entitles you to access all of these amazing maps. 

One of the other great features that help guide hikers is Live Locator. This functionality allows you to share your live location with anyone, regardless of them being a HiiKER user or not. So for those solo hikes, you can give your safety contacts piece of mind. Also included is Stage by stage breakdown - this allows you to take any long-distance trail and break it down into manageable sections that you can use to plan and navigate your days with. These sections can also be edited to your liking, in case you want to reroute your own adventure. 

  • Features

    - The worlds best digital maps: Level up your navigation and planning with unique info on our regional map layer from our trusted mapping partners.

    - HiiKER Live Locator: Let them know where you are. Share a unique link with others to let them follow your map location LIVE on the website or app.

    - Stage by stage breakdown: For longer distance trails, we provide recommended stages to hike each day to help plan your trek.

    - High quality print maps: Print hight quality a4 size OSM maps of any our our verified trails to serve as a physical companion to your trusty HiiKER app.

    - Map region downloads: Prefer to get off the beaten path? Download entire regions of your favourite map layer for offline use and roam free.

    - Quick Measurement tool: Quick segment a trail to calculate distances plus the elevation you might face.

  • Reviews

    “Brilliant app. Using it to plan a 9 day hike of the Snowdonia way. The trail stages breakdown has been particularly helpful in planning our daily routes and the fact you're able to download the maps/route for offline use should be extremely helpful when we're there as signal will no doubt be hit and miss.” - Hiiker User

    “A fantastic app that’s easy to use, great detail, wide range of routes to suit most abilities. Fantastic!! I use the app for the EastWest maps. Thank you Eoin for all the great support and you always gets back to me so fast! I just discovered there’s an historic map for Ireland in the last update. Thrilled as I work in genealogy helping our Irish Diaspora!” - Hiiker User