Luxe Outdoor Hex Peak F6A 2 Person Tent (Fly Only)



As a result of demand from the UK marketplace we have now obtained the fly only version of very popular Hexpeak F6A.

This is the 3 season fly, not the winter F6E fly.

The ideal companion for the solo V4A nest which is mostly mesh or the solo F6 winter nest which is warmer. Or the 3/4 F6 floor only if you don't require an inner.

Available in the two standard colours Green and Desert Brown.

For the perfect height either use the Luxe 197X pole or one of our 'walking pole links'. 6 pegs are minimum number of pegs to pitch. Extra guys around the base and longer guys will fix the tent

A pair of pole mushrooms are the perfect way to prevent the support pole from sinking into the ground and reducing the tension at the peak.

Supplied as fly only without pegs, pole, guys or seam sealant.

Weight: +/- 960gm

  • Top tips for a stable shelter in all weathers

    If the supporting pole sinks at any stage the material will lose all the tension and the tent can become unstable in high winds, with the possibility of the pole moving. The common tip here is to cut a tennis ball in half and use each half at either end of the pole. It prevents the pole from sinking and also reduces the pressure on the peak. Once this is in place, applying tension on all the surrounding guys will maintain tension throughout the night. Some use Marmite caps or Rebar Mushrooms.

    In excessive wet weather we have had occasional reports of the supplied guys slipping in the cleats. A simple overhand knot will stop this.

  • Seam sealing the tent

    As the silicone tents are designed without seam taping, we recommend user to apply seam sealing on the outside seam of flysheet where necessary (Mainly around the crown area). Along the horizontal stitching around the vent. Down the zip and 'inside' the guy loops and top loop. (Pull apart with your fingers) Anywhere water can gather is a potential point of issue if the tent will be subjected to prolonged rainfall or a persistently wet environment.