Pure Clear Life Filter Survival Straw



  • Protects against waterborne viruses, bacteria, parasites, endotoxins, microplastics, chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals, chemical reductions (PFOA’s), organic and chemical matter, dirt, sand, cloudiness and improves taste.

  • Independently lab tested and BPA free.

  • Enables hydration from anywhere any time.

  • Comes with a 28mm thread on the bottom of the Life Filter® meaning you can attach plastic bottles to the survival filter and then filter accordingly.

  • Can be used in conjunction with the Pure Clear® - Water Hydration Bladder

  • The portable water filter comes with an extending drinking tube meaning you do not have to crouch down and lean into the water unlike other products on the market.

  • Mouthpieces can be replaced.
  • The Life Filter® is also compatible with the Platypus water pouch as well as other brands.
  • Your purchase makes a difference, for every product purchased Pure Clear Filters provides 1400 litres of pure, clean and safe drinking water to those that need it most. 

  • Features

    The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® has been designed for rehydration anywhere, anytime. The Life Filter® offers its users clean safe filtered drinking water from outdoor water sources. Not directly comparable to any other water purification media currently on the market, the Life Filter® uses breakthrough electro-adsorptive technology, and not mechanical filter media. The Life Filter® can even filter out waterborne viruses unlike 99% of similar products available. Our filters are rigorously and independently tested to give the best possible filtration performance in compliance with the NSF and ANSI drinking water requirements.

    Not to be confused with heavily advertised “ Drinking STRAWS” which use an ultrafiltration membrane (UF), the Pure Clear Filter range can not only filter the same bacteria, parasites and microplastics as these “Drinking STRAWS” but it also offers additional filtration against waterborne viruses, chlorine, chemical reduction, heavy metals and even trace pharmaceuticals. At Pure Clear we don't understand why you would use a filter that removes bacteria but doesn't filter out viruses, so we have made sure the filter we use does both and much more.

    The Life Filter® was scientifically designed to help reduce internal bacteria growth within the filter. It was also designed with resistance pull (how hard it is to draw water through the filter) and blockages in mind. Some products on the market offer very long filter life (some offer in excess of 2000 litres) which can in turn, cause the filter to not only block but also increases the risk of internal bacteria to grow at a high velocity rate within the filter membrane itself. This can make water very difficult to draw through the filter and can leave the straw full of bacteria.

    Should you be using a system with a long life filter we recommend regular maintenance and decontamination of that filter to help prevent organic bacteria growth and odours. Our concern over long life filters is without laboratory or high level decontamination processes such as autoclave sterilisation you cannot be 100% sure the growing bacteria inside the filter has been killed, not to mention the repeated cleaning processes and down time required. These high temperature decontamination methods whilst highly effective against bacteria can in turn damage the filter media. Therefore it is good working practice to change the filter once every 2 months, or when the filter becomes hard to pull water through even if it is advertised as a long life filter. Pure Clear Filters does not manufacture or use long life filters for the reasons mentioned above and we consider anything over 1000 litres to be long life, we would also recommend that you change our filters on a 2 month basis.

    Not only does the Pure Clear Life Filter® effectively remove pathogens and other contaminants, in parallel it maintains the minerals for taste and filtration, all whilst remaining odourless, which again can be an issue of long life filters.

    Whilst the Life Filter® is made to be light weight and portable it also has the ability to reach difficult water sources, as it comes with an 82cm extension tube that can connect to its underneath nozzle. This means water sources that pool between rocks and other hard to reach places now becomes accessible without the requirement to lean right into the water and draw up the filter. Another neat feature of the Life Filter® is its 28mm screw thread located at the bottom. This allows large supplies of water to be taken from a water source through everyday bottles which can then be screwed to the bottom of the Life Filter® and filtered when turned upside down.

  • Specifications

    Colour - Green
    Size Length - 180mm
    Capacity - N/A
    Weight - 70 Grams
    Mouthpiece - GPPS
    Handle - N/A
    Lid - PP
    Body - ABS
    Dishwasher safe - Yes, after filter removal
    Compatibility - The Life Filter is also compatible with the Platypus water pouch
    Included Life Filter, water filter, extended drinking tube
    Filter Life - 200L or 2 months = 400 x 50cl plastic water bottles. The life of the filter can be extended by drying out the filter and storing it after use